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- bridgehorse - 12-26-2004 05:08 PM

hi folks, is there a reason why the heart beats really fast after i drink red wine? could it be the sulfites? also, has anyone had a skin reaction (rashes, excema, psoriasis) from drinking red wine?


dan white

- joeyz6 - 12-26-2004 09:35 PM

All wine (red, white, sparkling) has sulfites. It's a natural product of fermentation.

As for your medical questions, I'll allow the good doctor to respond ...

- Zinner - 12-27-2004 01:39 AM

Lots of ordinary foods(peanut butter, jams and jellies, some of the stuff on salad bars) have more sulfites than a bottle of wine. So unless you're having the reaction to other products too, the sulfites are not a problem for you.

The sulfite warnings on wine bottles are meaningless to most people. If you are sensitive to sulfites you know it because your diet is restricted in other ways.

These silly warnings came about because there are those out there who would like to discourage folks from drinking alcoholic beverages. There is no one who wants to restrict your access to Smucker's, so that's why they don't have to put it on the label.

Can you drink white wine with no reaction?

- bridgehorse - 12-27-2004 04:44 AM

hi joey and thanks for your reply...hi zinner, thanks for your answers too..i really appreciate for white wine, well, i do not like white wine and ONLY drink red...but it sounds like a good idea, and should test it out just in case...

thanks again...
dan white

- Zinner - 12-28-2004 02:28 AM

Hi Dan,

It's something that I haven't heard before--that anyone would have their heart race because of drinking wine. The only other thing I can think of to ask ---are you taking any medication? Because some types of drugs do not mix with alcohol, so who knows what sort of reaction might occur then. That would be something to run past a doctor or pharmacist.

I have heard some people say that they can drink white wine with no ill effects, but that red wine gives them a headache.

- bridgehorse - 12-28-2004 10:01 AM

hi zin, thanks for your, i do not take drugs and never have...if i ever did take medication, i certainly would not even drink a sip of the red any case, i appreciate the heart does not race after i drink the wine, this happens during the night on nights i do drink, and the only thing i could think of is that i do not drink water (which i know i should) during my wine drinking and this could be why..but i dont could also be that i am drinking too much in one sitting (usually 750ml bottle and half)..i know i do eat when i drink, so it is not that reason..thanks again for your advise zin, i will try to figure this out somehow before i see a doctor, they will just tell me to stop

dan white

- Zinner - 12-29-2004 01:49 AM

Well Dan, that depends on the doctor. I know that there are a number of doctors in my city who have really nice wine cellars. One of them --a surgeon-- even designs wine cellars in his spare moments.

Not all medication is contraindicated with alcohol, but it pays to know. It is true that you must drink water because alcohol will dehydrate you. Reports are that most of us don't drink enough water anyhow. However, you are on the right track to be having food with your drink. You might notice whether you are having the same or different foods with your wine and how these affect you. Some people have food sensitivities(for example to aged cheese).

I do think that if we pay attention our own bodies will let us know how much we can drink and still feel healthy. You might alter the amount for a period of time and see if that takes care of the problem.

I hope you can figure it out. Good luck.

- bridgehorse - 12-29-2004 09:54 AM

thanks again zinner for all your great advise...!! it is great to experiment with your body and see what works and what does not...

happy new year!

dan white