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- Jenaroo - 05-09-1999 10:11 PM

Am researching Wine & Health as an assignment topic - anybody point me in the direction of published articles or maybe ... pretty please ... send me something? _ All assistance would be greatly appreciated and natuarlly acknowledged.

- n144mann - 05-10-1999 06:03 AM

Hi Jen,
Long time no see!! Will work on it and get back to you. What specific topics are you looking for?? There was a write up in Wine Spectator a few months ago. It was pretty basic, but I think it had some references listed. I will check and see what issue it was and get back to you. Actually if you go to their website and search the achives, you should be able to find it.

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- Jerry D Mead - 05-10-1999 06:05 AM

Go to

You will find two or three years of issues of The Wine Trader magazine archived there, and each issue contains a column titled "Health & Social Issues," which always contains the latest on health'll find lots of stuff on The French Paradox etc in other free-standing articles in the magazine as well.

You may also find some timely matierial at:


- n144mann - 05-10-1999 10:41 AM

Jen, just wanted to say I would recommend Curmy's idea over mine, the spectator write up...I went and looked at it again....gave lots of things that may be true, but the studies quoted were never given adequate reference to actually look them up and see if they were really well done studies. Most in fact didn't even say where the studies were done. Be careful when doing your research to look at the numbers/results given in studies critically!! Often studies are done with few people, or for very short periods of time, or without adequate controls to really give realistic scientific data. And with these few results they make broad generalizations which when more closely examined may or may not hold up.
Good Luck!!

- lcrouch - 05-19-1999 12:18 PM

You can directly search biomedical literature at "" In the SEARCH box type in "wine AND heart". Repeat the search replacing heart with cardiovascular, myocardial, cholesterol or lipoprotein. The linkage of "wine AND" with the above terms will provide you with MULTIPLE hits. Although many of the journals publishing these articles are available only in medical school libraries, you will be able to read all of the articles' abstracts. I completed this same search a few weeks ago with great results. Best of luck.