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- wayne - 12-24-2000 11:12 AM

can you tell me the finding relating 2 red wine & the results of tests regaurding the emzines clearing the build up of plack in the viens. i have heard about this but i would like 2 hear from the experts thank you bye for now.

- Drew - 12-24-2000 11:30 AM

Bucko, this post's for you.


- Bucko - 12-25-2000 01:17 PM

I don't think that was a serious post.....


- cpurvis - 12-27-2000 11:45 PM

but you coulda given 'im the simple answer Bucko: our "finding related 2 red wine" is that we drink it as often as possible & don't worry 'bout the "emzines"

- Bucko - 12-28-2000 06:04 AM

The capitalization, syntax and spelling scared me worse than WW in the early morning....


- Thomas - 12-28-2000 08:31 AM

thems are the things that happen when one has MD 20-20 in the veins, viens, vanes, vaines, ad infinitum. ...

- winoweenie - 12-28-2000 10:18 PM

Do them vanes be weather , Whether , window, or whiffer? WW And Wayne, welcome to the board. I`d be happy to forward you 10 cc`s of my very-own-blood which not only has the 2 red`s, but a combination of plazmas, congenitals, and enuf` aged juice to start your very own bodega. It`s confounded esperts from mane to spain fer` meeny yars. E-mail me at 36thwonderofshawnee@i`lldrinktothat.reidel. winoweenie

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