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- Berneice Spence - 06-15-2000 11:32 PM

Is there a winery that produces wine without sulfites and if so who? Thanks bas

- hotwine - 06-16-2000 04:57 AM

This topic was last discussed in Jan of this year. Suggest you click on "Show topics for the last year" on the pull-down menu, and you'll see a posting in January on the subject of sulfites. The responses there might be of help.

- Thomas - 06-16-2000 07:52 AM

All wines include naturally-occurring sulfites--they are a by-product of fermentation and they show up in cheese, yogurt, bread and other baked goods (all fermented products).

There are wineries that do not add any additional sulfites, and Hotwine leads you to the right place to search.

If this is a health concern, is it because you have been told by a lay "authority" or a health administrator? If this is not a health concern, then it is of no concern.

- Berneice Spence - 06-16-2000 01:52 PM

I am extremely allergic to sulfites. While in Italy I had some wine that did not have added sulfites and it was a pleasure to be able to enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner again. Thought maybe California wineries would have a bottle or two. Many thanks, bas

- Thomas - 06-16-2000 03:06 PM

Have you been diagnosed? What is your reaction to sulfites, and is it only wine that makes you react?

I ask because there is a lot of confusion about this subject.

- chittychattykathy - 06-16-2000 11:45 PM

Amity from Oregon makes a Pinot Noir that removes the natual sulfites. It's organic as well, and sees no oak.

- Berneice Spence - 06-17-2000 09:35 PM


I have been hospitalized four times due to an alergic reaction to sulfites, including medication given by a doctor. bas

- Berneice Spence - 06-17-2000 09:36 PM

Thanks for the recomendations. Monday I will try to contact Amity. bas

- Thomas - 06-18-2000 04:20 PM

Berneice, what is your reaction to sulfites? Have you been diagnosed as to which form of sulfites and which foods you must avoid?