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- CBailis - 01-02-1999 01:32 PM

Am I just a computer challenged person & don't understand an obvious answer or is there a way to use colors & made-up-graphics such as Bucko's Xmas tree & pumpkin & Karena's grapes?

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 05:00 PM

It's a good question. Right now color text & graphics can't be posted. It may be possible to add this in the future. There would be some trade-off in speed, which will most affect users with 28.8 or (arghh) slower connections.

- Botafogo - 01-03-1999 12:04 AM

PLEASE!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphis will just slow down this wonderfully speedy board. I will be logging in from an internet cafe in Brasil next week where bandwith is notoriously fickle and I don't need to see a piece of clip art when a few well chosen words will do a better job of communication.

Ate logo, Roberto