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- girlperson1 - 11-16-2002 04:34 PM

I would like to begin drinking a glass-a-day of red wine for the medical benefits however, whenever I try, and no matter what brand of wine I try, after about the third sip, I begin to sweat heavily and feel dizzy. Any ideas as to what this is and how I can get around it, if possible?

- Bucko - 11-16-2002 07:37 PM

Same with white wine? Beer? Spirits? Trouble with salad bars? Previous allergy history?

- girlperson1 - 11-17-2002 04:31 AM

Have not tried white wine, Bucko. I have had beer and have had no such reaction to it. I don't drink "hard stuff" so I would not know if this reaction occurs with it as well.

I do have some allergies to common household dust etc., but I'm taking Zyrtec which is a wonder drug as far as I'm concerned.

- girlperson1 - 11-17-2002 04:33 AM

Salad bars?? No, I've had no reaction to eatting from a salad bar either.

- Bucko - 11-17-2002 10:19 AM

Salad bars are loaded with sulfites. All alcohol, including white wine and beer, has sulfites. The symptoms you give could be related to sulfites, however the other foods/drinks do not bother you. It is most likely a histamine reaction.

- girlperson1 - 11-17-2002 10:27 AM

Oh, that's not good. Is it possible to develop a tolerance?

- bridgehorse - 11-17-2002 01:05 PM

hello girl person, just wanted to say that i had a girlfriend who was just like you and she drank like 3 sips and started feeling weird too. i figured it was because her body build was small and she was asian and asian woman do not respond to nicely with wine, so she started drinking beer instead and she did not feel the same way....

- Thomas - 11-17-2002 02:35 PM

"sweat heavily and feel dizzy" sounds a lot like low blood sugar symptoms to me. Although three sips seems a rather small amount to trigger it.

- girlperson1 - 11-17-2002 06:49 PM

Small body build, I'm not. I'm 5'8" and weight about 200 lbs.

As for the low blood sugar, that's possible and I will have to use my glucose meter and check my sugars the next time I try to drink red wine.

If this is something I can "work" around all the better. I'll keep everyone posted.

- girlperson1 - 12-01-2002 11:31 AM

Got over the sweating problem. Apparently, I've developed a "resistance" to whatever was bothering me.