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- Shemmane - 10-07-2000 09:07 AM

I live in Westchester NY and I am interested in purchasing some land in the Hudson Valley and opening up a vineyard.

To be honest, I am a novice in so far as wine techology goes but I have always been fascinated by the whole industry and of course I love wine.

- Thomas - 10-07-2000 12:35 PM

This is no glib answer: start by counting how much money you have to burn, for most of it will be gone fast before you can even imagine a return on investment, let alone actually receive one.

When you determine what you can lose, then check with various academic and government agencies that deal with small business plans and vineyard site selection. You might also want to contact a few wineries in the Hudson Valley to get their input.

Love of wine is one thing you need to start a winery; but more importantly, you need to look at the venture just as you would any other business, and you need to do the research.

- Shemmane - 10-07-2000 03:36 PM

Thanks for the input Foodie. I was thinking of contacting a few people in the business. I would like to do some research first though.

- Jackie - 10-07-2000 03:44 PM


You might start by subscribing to a magazine called Vineyard & Winery Management. They have a website at They are headquartered in N.Y and you might want to contact their office for advice.

V&WM sponsors a large trade show every March (I think) on the East Coast. Usually they include a number of seminars for "newcomers" to the vineyard & winery industry. I'd suggest attending before you make a life commitment.

Good luck & let us know what you decide...

- Bucko - 10-07-2000 03:55 PM

Goes back the old, OLD joke:

How do you make a small fortune in the wine business?

Start with a large fortune......


- winoweenie - 10-07-2000 04:37 PM

Bockie-poo, Worked for most of my freenz.winoweenie

- glear - 10-24-2000 01:09 AM

Have you thought of investing in a winery as a share holder? With smaller wineries you are also able to have your say. i am involved in one in Australia. I know its a bit far but there are opportunities in the one I'm in. Wan't a prospectus let me know or go to the web site