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- oceantech - 12-18-2000 02:21 PM


I live & work in S.France. I have a group of companies supplying luxury yachts & cruise ships since 1992, and am seeking to supply wines and spirits as this is a huge market here with very little competition. I am seeking an English speaking equal partner to put into action this side of the business and then develop it. This partner would have a good basic knowledge of wines, with experience in the field, and would be looking to live and work in France (Cannes, Antibes). The company is already setup with necessary license, simply need the right person to get it into operation. If you can help finding this person, pleasecontact me soonest, as the season will start in May 2001 and a little work is required before then.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Langley, MD The Ocean Group


- winoweenie - 12-18-2000 08:25 PM

Hi Oceantech and welcome to the board. WOW! What a kick in the patootie opportunity for some young, brite, knowledgeable person to have a marvelous experience. Darn IK, Hotsie, And Bucks` it`s a major bummer to have been born so early. If I wasn`t makin` so much with my social security I`d jump at this sucker. Good Luck! Surely you`ll find some very qualified employees. winoweenie

- chittychattykathy - 12-19-2000 04:34 AM

And this partner would need how much $$$?

- winoweenie - 12-19-2000 08:01 AM

CCK, I read and re-read this post and came to the conclusion that Oceantech needed the expertise and knowledge and wasn`t looking for an investment partner. But then again, I read and re-read the contract before buying my Florida Swampland. WW

- oceantech - 12-19-2000 09:16 AM

Correct, we are not seeking an investment partner as we have 3 other established and successful companies supplying different areas in same market. What we are looking for is an experienced dynamic English speaking individual, probably from a managerial position within the wine industry, seeking to be the primary operational partner in a secure new venture.

- Blue - 12-19-2000 11:18 AM

Post is in French, I assume there is no rule against this here?

Franchement je ne pige rien.

Tu cherches quelqu'un qui parles Anglais et qui ce connait en vin....Beh tu dois en trouver dans le sud...sauf si tu cherches un pigeon. Plein gens dans le vin parlent tres bien anglais. Alors pourquoi vas tu chercher un Americain si ce n'est pas qu'il y a quelque choses de louche dans cette affaire?

- winoweenie - 12-19-2000 07:07 PM


- winoweenie - 12-19-2000 07:09 PM


- hotwine - 12-19-2000 07:53 PM

WW, I think it's something like: OT says he's looking for an American who speaks French and knows someting about wines; but why not a Frenchman who speaks English (and probably knows more about wines)? N'est pas?
At least, that's my very loose translation. (From a guy who didn't know what a ferme was. What can I say, the ladies I knew never brought that subject up ...)

- RAD - 12-19-2000 08:11 PM

Hotwine, your French is très bien.


- hotwine - 12-19-2000 09:30 PM

Merci, mais non; c'est tres RUSTY!

- oceantech - 12-20-2000 05:09 AM

To clarify, this is not a job, we are not seeking an employee. Rather,someone who is considering starting up his/her own business, with suitable experience in the field. We have received several very interesting applications, most from existing or past business owners, or senior management/sales in the wine trade, so it seems the entrepreneurs understand what is being sought. Thanks to all who have replied so far, we will contact you in the New Year.

Our market contains virtually no French clients, and sales business is nearly always performed in English. We have mailed similar requests to sites and journals in several countries, as the best way of finding the best partner.

Considerable thanks to Eric Orange, ( whose efforts have resulted in the best responses so far.

And a last word for Blue:

On voit que t'es pas patron, et comme t'as rien pige je m'en doubte que tu seras chef d'entreprise dans l'avenir, mais bonne chance egalement.

- winoweenie - 12-20-2000 09:27 AM

Gracious Hotsie thanks and I`m impressed. Seems like the Blue feller mus` be an agent for the French Export Commission. He wants first to sub a sub-standard St. Emillion for a wonderful Calif Merlot and now wants a Frenchman whos` specifically asked for an American who speaks French to sub a Frenchman who speaks English. I`m sure Oceantech knows what the blazes he wants and seems to have set the parameters. SHEESH! winoweenie

- Drew - 12-20-2000 11:52 AM

You know what Blue, you act like certain Frenchmen who don't want us dumb 'merecans to know what they're saying by speaking in French and assuming those who overhear don't understand....well, you know what they say about assume? If you read the post by Oceantech you'll find the answer to your question to them, which you posted in French, as to why they seek an English speaking person, and not necessarily an American, as you suggest. This is an open forum and your posts should be made in the basic language used in the forum postings, which is English. Oceantech posted in English and it's insulting that you would post in French.


- Blue - 12-20-2000 06:32 PM

Okay Okay, chill everyone...there was a reason I posted in French.

First I let me explain my original post.

Translation of original post:
"Honestly I don't get it.

You are looking for someone who speaks english who knows wine. Well you should be able to find some where you are. Unless you are looking for a turkek. Many people in the wine business speak english very well. Why are you specifically going after there something fishy going on here?"

I found it a little weird that he is posting to an american board for an "investor" who's only real value added would be the knowledge of english and wine. It smells a little fishy to me. I am NOT saying that he SHOULD hire a french person instead of an american, or making any evaluation of the wine skills of either persons nationality. But since he is in France, there are TONS of people local who know wine, know business and speak very good English. I was wondering if he was trying to snow some Americans into a bad business opportunity. I am probably a little too cautious...he is probably for real...but as they careful, if it sounds too good to be true...

Anyway, I didn't mean to annoy anyone here with the post, in the future I will restrict my posts to English.

WW and Drew - sorry yall, never meant to "insult you", I never said Font Villac was the greatest St Emillion, like you I would way prefer any of the First Growths...but it is at a completely different price point, and I do think, as a 100% Merlot in St. Emillion it is both somewhat different, and a good value versus many californian Merlots. I do drink a wide variety of wines and appreciate different tastes...

You are right that I did open myself for that by posting a negative TN on a wine that I reccomended :-)

btw for the record, as a recently naturlized Americain, I am VERY proud to call myself Americain and to call you all my countrymen. It is too bad that so many of my new countrymen have such a strong negative view of the French.

On that note, I have a flight to France tommorrow (vacation), so have to leave work now...

A la prochaine,


[This message has been edited by Blue (edited 12-20-2000).]

- Drew - 12-20-2000 07:00 PM

Blue, my take on oceantech was that they wanted to expand their reach into the Americas probably for an individual with inside info./connections/knowledge of American wines to help with their venture. I translated your post exactly and yes your original post used the term pigeons, a.k.a. an easy mark, which I understood exactly. Your preference/stance on St. Emillion doesn't concern me in the least....everyone's taste is different and I accept that. I just got a little frosted with the French posting considering Oceantech originally posted in English. No hard feelings....I hope your trip to France is wonderful.


- Thomas - 12-20-2000 11:19 PM

I am confused, and not because of the French posting/s. Oceantech does not want an investor but wants a partner--how in the world can you do that? I have been trying all my life to eat my cake and have it too; to become a partner in a new venture without investing in it sounds waaayyyy toooo goood tooo beee true!

- oceantech - 12-21-2000 03:15 PM

Steady on chaps, it's not a presidential vote you know.

For info: I have 3 active companies and 1 dormant one (Oceanwines is fully setup). I have been selling technical products and services for 10 years to the richest people in the world, owners of megayachts. Most are now rented out at $30k - $200k per week, ex fuel, ex alcohol, ex port fees etc. For every charter wines & spirits are purchased of similar standing to the food supplied by primarily French chefs on board. It is sold to & ordered by the primarily English & American captains. I have offices, vehicles, technicians, accountants, sales reps, bankers, etc. so I do not need capital to make the business operational. I am not seeking an English speaking Frenchman as an English or American will sell better to English or American clients, also the French tend to be arrogant about wine, not particularly appreciated by the non French buyers. As one client put it, "nice country, nice wines, shame about the people". Generally I disagree, I am married to a beautiful, charming and intelligent French wife, my financial director. The best worker is the one with the best motivation. Half the profit is a good motivation. Without the partner no profit is made. Invest a little short term to reap a lot mid to long term. The successful partner will have to cover costs for travel to France on short notice for the foreseeable future, pay rent and living expenses for around 3 months until seasonal sales start, and still work for nothing pretty hard for those 3 months. That will be their investment, and the cost will be similar to my investment in setting up costs. Do a search on 'megayachts' or 'superyachts' to get an idea of the market. Hope this explains.

- winoweenie - 12-24-2000 10:04 AM

My last post on the subjecy. Blue, " you don`t understand why so many of your new countrymen disdain the French"? I for one don`t care what your country of origin is. What I object to is ANYONE who lives, works, and makes their living in this country to consistantly point out the superiority of the products and people of their country of origin to the good ole` USofA.I`ll say this without hesitation, there are several members on this board that have forgotten more about American wines than the most informed Frenchman you can produce knows!! Oceantech wanted an American with a wide knowledge of American wines not an English speaking Frenchman that knew a little bout American wines. As I said before if I wasn`t making so much money on my Social Security checks, I`d apply. winoweenie

- Blue - 01-02-2001 05:50 PM

WW -

Wow you sound really pissed. I can't help myself but respond to a few points. First of all I have NEVER EVER claimed any superiority of the French people in my posts. All I said were that close to him there might be people who also had knowlege of wine and wondered why he was looking for someone from so far away.

I do like Vegemite, KimChee, and Sushi.
As well as many products made in the USA, I do buy Australian wool sweaters, Italian Suits, Austrian Stems, Indian Bhajans, Japanese Cars, Danish Shoes etc.

What's wrong with buying good products made in other countries. The French happily spend Billions on American movies, drinks and music. Appreciation of things made very well in other countries is what drives world-trade WW. BTW, I was interested to note that they were selling Kendal Jackson in one French Supermarket this christmas...

All I want to say is definately drink American Cab-Savs, Pinots, Merlots and Sparkling wines....but also encourage people get to know the french stuff, and given the exchange rates and where you live in the US there will be times when suprisingly French wines are great Value.

I assume that your reaction here though is more emotional. Given your knowlegeable posting WW, I am convinced that not only do you probably know French wines much better than I do, but appreciate them very much and buy quite a few. so ww, please don't read my posts so negatively, neither myself nor most Frenchman don't consider ourselves superior to Americans or any other people, we just have strong opinions, speak our mind and do have pride. I appreciate the same qualities in Americans. I was just afraid that Oceantech was trying to take advantage of someone.

On another note:

While in France this past Christmas I was introduced to a number of French wines that I did not know very well. All of these wines are from the Loire and cost arround $6-15 in France but were very good:

Anjou Gamay - Primeur
St. Nicolas de Bourgeuil

I am going to have to look for these a little harder.