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- L W C - 02-02-1999 12:28 PM

Looking for any and all producers of non alcoholic wines for both wholesale and retail sales

- Jerry D Mead - 02-03-1999 12:29 AM

LWC...It would be helpful to know where you are located...


- L W C - 02-03-1999 06:18 AM

We are located in N.H. U.S.A. and sell retail thru out the U.S.A. and Canada. Wholesale operation sells mostly in the north eastern U.S.A. - L.W.C.

- Jerry D Mead - 02-03-1999 03:00 PM

There are only a handful of no-alcohol producers in the U.S. (the equipment is specialized and expensive) and they are all large firms that probably have their wholesale commitments already made.

Retail is, of course, another matter. Ariel brand has the generally best tasting no-alcohol wines that I've tasted.

There are some foreign producers, but I don't know anything about them, nor have any contacts.