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- Allan P London - 05-14-1999 04:48 PM

I developed a program for the owners of a several Napa wineries in connection with their efforts to raise equity capital and negotiate lines of credit. The program helps wineries, generally with production of between 5,000 and 100,000 cases annually, forecast production requirements, allocate resources and prepare a detailed five year production and financial forecast.

This is a full featured costing model and includes thirteen stages of production, vintage calendars for each product, consolidation of a vintage plan, a complete budgeting system and demonstrates an accounting structure for implementing a standard costing system. The model is entirely menu driven and is written in visual basic with an MSExcel and MSWord front ends for reporting. My clients, their investors and lenders have found this model very useful. I thought perhaps other winery operations would also benefit by implementing the VIRTUAL Winery system.

The model is also an excellent demonstration of what can be accomplished using the automation facilities of the MSOffice 97 software. The entire production and financial forecast, supplementary information, footnotes, accountants report, report index, and software documentation are all linked and integrated into the program under a single user interface. In addition there is a sophisticated version control system which provides for the reporting, maintenance and e-mailing of versions. Also the VIRTUAL Winery System has an integrated budgeting module with perhaps a hundred methods for forecasting and allocating costs. There is full reporting by line item on the budgeting assumptions made. And much more. After being properly implemented, it really works well - right down to forecasting the number of oak barrels (new and used) needed to implement the "vintage plan". The system does require a PC with MSOffice97 or 2000 installed. If you have any interest, please contact me and I will send you the complete documentation and a demo copy of the program. The demo copy is free and fully functional, but is limited to only two products. The system will handle any number of clients, limited only by hard disk resources.

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[This message has been edited by Allan P London (edited 05-14-99).]