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- Woodman - 01-02-1999 07:21 AM

Where's everyone finding these red and yellow smiley/frowney faces? Am I missing something?

- Peter Hirdt - 01-02-1999 08:16 AM

The software automatically translates certain character combinations into smileys, etc.

A colon followed by a single close-parenthesis generates a yellow smiley. A colon followed by a capital "D" generates a bigger grin. A colon followed by a single open-parenthesis generates a frown. (There's another which I've forgotten.)

I wasn't supposed to say anything about this, but as a concession to certain AOL members, Jerry has promised to add character combinations to generate sheep, middle fingers, and--especially for MICKSTA and me--one of Dennis Vacco sleeping late. [img][/img]

- Woodman - 01-02-1999 09:14 AM

Gotcha, but how did you figure this out?


- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 10:08 AM

<<Gotcha, but how did you figure this out?>>


I found this by clicking the FAQ icon at the top and printing it all out.


- Woodman - 01-02-1999 10:46 AM

Stupid me. I don't read the directions for software I buy, either. Duh. [img][/img]