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- Jerry D Mead - 04-22-1999 03:34 PM

Caught everyone by surprise. After having just bought Simi, Canandaigua of New York just paid $240 million for Franciscan, Estancia, Mt. Veeder, Quintessa and and interest in Veramonte in Chile. The includes wineries, brands, and vineyards.

And consolidation continues.


- RickBin389 - 04-23-1999 03:21 PM

Good sleuthing Jerry!

- Jerry D Mead - 04-23-1999 06:06 PM

More details now...Agustin Huneeus, who, along with the Eckes family of Germany, owned Franciscan, did not sell Quintessa or the interest in Veramonte in Chile...though both will be marketed by Canandaigua.

Huneeus will build a new winery at the Quintessa vineyard site.

Huneeus will stay on under contract for 5 years to run the company and will also take over the marketing of Simi, which Canandaigua just bought.

To be continued.

- tomvegabyrnes - 04-26-1999 12:51 PM

Did you see that LVMH has finally won a court case in France to win ownership of Chateau D'Yquem from the family that has owned it for over 2000 years?

- Thomas - 04-26-1999 03:31 PM

I'm telling you, one day we will wake up to find that we deal with one corporation in each category of life. Then, those dozen companies will start to take over one another until we shall be forced to say a morning prayer to that great corporation THE GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD!

Just another reason to lay down some wine in my bomb shelter. Do black helicopters drop bombs?