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- amshih - 02-23-1999 10:45 AM

I read today that Strom Thurmond introduced a bill proposing increasing taxes on wine from between 7 and 11 cents an ounce to 21 cents an ounce, taxing them at the same level as distilled spirits. At the same time, he does not want to hike the tax on beer -- his spokesman said that Thurmond considers beer a "working man's drink".

Let me get this straight...Thurmond justifies higher taxes because of public health reasons, yet refuses to tax the alcoholic beverage of choice for most college kids. Am I missing something here?

Have I bitched enough in this forum yet?

- Thomas - 02-23-1999 03:27 PM

Seems you didn't miss anything; you hit the hypocrisy nail right on the head.

Like most politicians, Thurmond has no idea what he is talking about. He is trying now to do to alcohol what his compatriots in congress and the White House wish to do to his beloved tobacco industry. It is tit for tat. The man wouldn't know a reasonable argument if it hit him in his phony hair or wooden teeth.

And he likely drinks a lot of beer, which is why he won't go after the stuff. Of course, that would be hypocrisy too, if he truly believes beer is for the working man.

- Jason - 02-23-1999 09:25 PM

Let's get real guys. The beer lobby is just better than ours.This is the case in most states.When the likes ofn AB or Miller get behind something Ol' Strum will say almost anything they want him to.

- Jerry D Mead - 02-24-1999 05:19 AM

And the spirits industry has been campaigning for years for so-called tax "equivalency," which means raising wine and beer taxes to the level of spirits. It's the reason they run all those "a drink is a drink is a drink" ads featuring a picture of a wine glass, a beer glass and a shot glass.

If passed we would be virtually the only civilized nation to tax wine at the same level as spirits.


- Thomas - 02-24-1999 09:51 AM

Here's a situation that illustrates what complacency can do to our society.
My next door neighbor is a die-hard supporter of Strom and his ilk. My neighbor also is a lover of fine wine. I told him about the tax. First, he was surprised by the news; then he said something to the effect that Strom must know something he doesn't know.
People who haven't a clue are more dangerous than those who manipulate them; they are the ones who take up the sword in blind acceptance.
Write to the politicians, everyday of your life if need be.