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- RAD - 07-25-2001 05:51 PM

Seems that Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) wants to introduce legislation requiring airlines to impose a 2-drink limit to passengers on domestic flights in order to combat "air rage."

Good intentions, perhaps, but it doesn't sound good to me. I rarely drink that much in the air anyway, but it seems to me that such a law would just create more problems...


- Thomas - 07-26-2001 09:21 AM

Why don't we just proclaim to the world that we are the democracy that legislates morality as well as everyday human interaction--and be done with it? Two drink limit, indeed. How about legislation to reduce airline delays to a two minute maximum?

Write to Feinstein and tell her that her job is to create legislation not to engineer social interaction.

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- mrdutton - 07-26-2001 06:38 PM

Last time I flew, I ordered a double Jack on the rocks. Then after I'd drunk that, I asked for another double Jack on the rocks. The flight attendant (I still would have called her a stewardess, 'cept I guess that is now an anti-social term) said "Sir, this is a short flight!!"

I said "I know that, give me the drink".

Unbeknownst (is this a word?) to her majesty, I had a limo waiting for me at the airport to take me home. So what damn difference did it make how much I drank, as long as I could walk off the plane, collect my luggage and park my rear end in the limo?

Diane, apperently has never had to fly in any part of the aircraft other than first class; otherwise she would not have such a negative attitude.

And this babe is from California?

- winoweenie - 07-26-2001 08:11 PM

D-Boogs. " BABE " Egads man did you suffer triple cataracts before your 30th? I'd thunk she'd want to serve nuttin' but triples so she mite have a chance to score. WW

- barnesy - 07-26-2001 08:18 PM

Air-Rage isn't caused by drunks, its caused poor service, too little room, and idiototic (sp?) airline employees. Let them slug down a few so they will calm down and be nice herdable little cattles. (sorry, a 13 hour work day tends to mess with the grammar and spelling)


- Innkeeper - 07-26-2001 08:52 PM

On our recent trip to the ole country we flew on der German line. Wonderful. Free drinks going and coming, and no hastle what-so-ever.

- Thomas - 07-27-2001 09:13 AM

Barnsey, you got it right. Let them legislate away the disgusting airline service instead of try to legislate how we should react to it.

It is interesting, however, that the terrible conditions on airlines are one result of deregulation; in other words, Feinstein wants to legislate our lives because the feds decided in the eighties that the airlines suffered from too much legislation (regulation). I do love the "political mind," a phrase that is an oxymoron...

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- zenda2 - 08-22-2001 06:50 AM

One of only two old Johnny Carson jokes that I can still remember is "You picked a Feinstein to lead me, you seals". Never could understand how any humans would vote for "Achtung, new rules!" Diane. Seals, what do they know? Let her put a 2 fish limit on their swimming time, they'll soon be barking a different tune.

- Innkeeper - 08-22-2001 03:18 PM

You can call her at 202-224-3841, or fax her at 202-228-3954, or e-mail her at Recommend doing it.

- Thomas - 08-22-2001 04:16 PM

why don't we all do that...