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- Jerry D Mead - 02-16-1999 04:04 PM

(Note: The attached is copied and pasted in from the AOL wine board. JDM)

Well, here it comes. Our new .08 laws just went into effect 1/1/99. Govenor Gary Locke has said he supports lowering the BAC to .05, and now a state legislator has introduced a bill to lower it to .02!!!! The idiot's name is Mike Heavey, representing West Seattle.

Apparently the penalties would be up to a $3-500 fine and a civil infraction, similar to a traffic violation. Loss of license for up to 30 days.

The bill is not expected to pass, but the fact is, they're trying it.

Chuck Miller

- Jerry D Mead - 02-16-1999 04:06 PM

Hey! All you non-believers! All you "Mead is paranoid" naysayers...take WILL be your state next.

And all you embracers of .08 because you actually believe it has something to do with the drunk driving issue, see how you like being a legal drunk after the first sip when .02 comes to your town.

I will say...I TOLD YOU SO!

The "Vindicated Once Again" Curmudgeon