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- Jerry D Mead - 03-06-1999 05:42 PM

//Just the following is just what I've been predicting for years. Moves to lower permissible BAC to .08 from .10 are only stepping stones to zero tolerance, which is just what .02 is. JDM//

JDM: We knew it would be here some day. Well, some day is here. Check it
out... (this is from our next edition of BeerWeek, the beer business e-mail

Cheers, Tom

The State of Washington is considering legislation that would make
driving with a .02 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) a crime. Washington
only recently changed its blood alcohol level from .10 to .08. The proposed
bill is as follows:

SENATE BILL REPORT SB 5872 As of February 23, 1999 Title: An act relating
to operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol.Brief Description:
Making it a traffic infraction to drive with a blood alcohol concentration
of between .02 and .08.Sponsors: Senators Heavey, Eide and Oke.Brief
History: Committee Activity: Judiciary: 2/26/99. SENATE COMMITTEE ON
JUDICIARY Staff: Lidia Mori (786-7755) Background: Research has shown that
the risk of being in a motor vehicle crash increases as the blood or breath
alcohol concentration (BAC) rises. Researchers have concluded that driving
related skills and performance deteriorate as BACs increase. In Washington,
a person is guilty of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor
(DUI) by driving with a BAC of 0.08 or higher. It is a misdemeanor for a
person under the age of 21 to operate a motor vehicle after consuming
alcohol as shown by a BAC of at least .02 but less than .08. Studies have
been done which revealed that simple tasks, some of which are crucial to
driving, became impaired below a BAC of .05. When a task was combined with
another task, impairment in some people began at levels as low as .02
Summary of Bill: It is a traffic infraction for a person age 21 or over to
drive or be in physical control of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol
as shown by a BAC of at least .02 but less than .08. The Department of
Licensing is directed to suspend for 30 days the license of a person found
to have committed this traffic infraction. The Supreme Court is requested
to set the penalty for this traffic infraction at $500. Appropriation:
None. Fiscal Note: Requested on February 23, 1999. Effective Date: Ninety
days after adjournment of session in which bill is passed.