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- Jerry D Mead - 01-04-1999 04:39 AM

GOLD to Buena Vista for increasing the winemaker's barrel budget. It shows in the wines.
DREGS to Buena Vista for forsaking the Lake County appellation you made famous for Sauvignon Blanc.

- EPICURUS - 01-04-1999 03:12 PM

For future guidance, shouldn't comments on internal winery policies go either into the Wine Biz folder or the Rant* folder? What's the rationale for placing Buena Vista's marketing decisions here (though your comments are well taken)?

(*) Also since the term 'rant' has a negative connotation might this area be called rant and raves...?

- Jerry D Mead - 01-04-1999 05:56 PM

Epi...You're absolutely right...I was transferring a few items from my year end column, the first of which was political..the item about Vacco from New York...following which I had a senior moment and just kept dropping everything in the folder where I started.

I like your idea for Rants & Raves...I'll suggest it to Jackie for immediate action.