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- anna - 04-14-2000 06:52 AM

Direct shipping bill makes some headway in Rhode Island. Also, various state legislatures are taking a closer look at their own bills in light of the pro-direct shipping rulings in Texas and Virginia.

Also, Wine Spectator's coverage of the issue, if you haven't seen it already. Includes a state-by-state summary.

- mrdutton - 04-14-2000 08:05 PM


Is there something going on in Virginia that I missed?

I know about the lawsuit, but was not aware that there had been a favorable descision.

Please advise, thanks.

- anna - 04-17-2000 06:40 AM

If I remember correctly, the VA wholesalers moved to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction, and the motion was denied. In normal English, that means that the wholesalers tried unsuccessfully to get the case thrown out.

Also, from the transcript of the oral hearing on the motion to dismiss, the judge appears to be leaning on the wine lovers' side. An example: the judge asked whether something should be done by the private industry "so that the product can be delivered to Virginians at a reasonable price as opposed to the inflated price that the ABC stores charge."

If anything else happens, I'll let you know!

Anna :-)

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- mrdutton - 04-17-2000 05:10 PM


Thanks. You are most helpful!