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- Jerry D Mead - 01-18-1999 12:19 AM

If you want to see what we're up against regarding the interstate shipping problem, check out the wholesaler's trade organization website ( and all the misleading information they post on the subject. Wouldn't the old Curmudgeon love to have a live debate with one of those self-serving monopolists to expose their duplicity and out and out falsehoods.


- Bucko - 01-18-1999 08:38 PM

Pretty amazing, Jerry! Keep fighting the good fight - they are reeling a bit with some of the recent court decisions.


- amshih - 01-20-1999 01:31 PM

I would love to see a sentence-by-sentence debunking of everything on WSWA's website regarding the direct shipping issue, but that would just take too long.

How in the world can WSWA say that everything offered via direct shipment is also available in the three-tier system? I've found that wine buying is a competitive sport, and just because a particular wine is "offered in the state" doesn't mean that *I* can get it.

For example, I really wanted 6 bottles of Matanzas Creek's 1995 Merlot (5000 cases produced, 80% allocated to restaurants) last August. I called up the Michigan wholesaler; they directed me to a wine shop that has several locations. Made several calls -- no luck. The wine was already sold out (no surprise). I'm hating life.

If WSWA has their way, I could see this scenario happening over and over again as I try to chase down those special, delicious gems that I have on my wish list, not knowing whether my state even carries them. I find this whole thing insulting and ridiculous.

P.S. happy ending -- I did end up getting the merlot, after some effort, but I'm not saying how!