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- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 10:20 AM

I'm probably missing something, but can I have things set so that my name and password are automatically set each time I post so that I don't have to keep typing it in? Also, my sign off. I know I saw this when I was registering, but for some reason, I can't get it done.



- Jerry D Mead - 01-02-1999 12:11 PM

Steve...When you register there's a little button you click either yes or no that says something about automatic you click yes, then you might have to type your name into a message one more time, but after that anytime you go to post your screenname and coded password will appear automatically. This will continue for one year.

I didn't use all the right computer lingo...Jackie will probably follow me and make it more clear using better terminology.


- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 12:17 PM


I did go into the PREF area and change it, but it doesn't seem to set itself. I'll post this and then post again to see if you are right in telling me that I may have to type the info in one more time before it is set.


- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 12:18 PM


Nope, I had to type it in both times.

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 12:40 PM


Yes, your username and password can be stored in your web browser (as a "cookie") so you won't have to type these each visit.

When you originally registered there was a option to store this info for one year. However, the option only works if your browser is set to accept "cookies".

Check to be sure cookies are enabled**, then click on the link to your "PROFILE" from the top of our BB. You'll have to type in your username and password, click to submit changes, and a new cookie should be written to your browser.

**To see whether cookies are enabled on the Netscape Navigator, select EDIT, then PREFERENCES, then ADVANCED. Select "accept cookies" or "warn before accepting cookies".

**For the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, select VIEW, INTERNET OPTIONS, ADVANCED and check the box for "always accept cookies" or "warn before accepting cookies". (Different browser versions vary, but the above should work in most cases.)

- CBailis - 01-02-1999 01:14 PM

Jackie, I'm having the same problem using a Mac G3. I checked off the button to store the password, etc. but have to type it in each time I want to post a reply.

- EPICURUS - 01-02-1999 01:40 PM

I have a MAC clone so it's using all MAC software. My screen name and password automatically appear when I post.

- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 02:01 PM


Ok, I just went in and clicked on the "Warn before accepting cookies". I didn't think that was the thing I needed to click on, because I have cookies already. I will post again after this, to see if it sets the password and username, since I had to type it in again just now.


- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 02:02 PM

Nope, didn't do it. Now what? [img][/img]

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 02:24 PM

Did you also go all the way into your PROFILE and resubmit it?

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 04:49 PM

Reply to CBailis:

Try going into PREFS and making sure that you have selected the cookie storage option. (This will only work, if you first set the browser to accept cookies, however.)

- LoveZin - 01-02-1999 06:13 PM

I'm on a PC, Netscape 4.5, Accept cookies is enabled, the yes is clicked in the profile (it only referred to showing the e-mail) is there another switch that I missed, because I have to type it in also.

Later..... Heinz

- LoveZin - 01-02-1999 06:26 PM

I found the switch, it's on "Prefs". AND IT WORKED!!! Well as an experienced lurker I read more and actually was able to solve my own problem [img][/img].Perhaps it can help others.

Later ..... Heinz