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- benmarl - 06-12-2003 03:29 PM

On Saturday July 5th, the Benmarl Winery located in Marlboro NY is having an event called "Drums on the Hudson". It's a percussion and drum circle event and they're going to have percussion artists and a large drum circle sometime after 3pm. Joseph Gatto from "Drums 2 Go" and Dherga Bernhard are facilitating the circle among others assisting. Several other artists are performing African & Latin fusion, Opera with an African theme, and a marching band drum core is going to be there. Some other local names performing are Rafael Fiqueroa, Olu Akiwu-Assani, and Christopher Shan. I also believe that Dherga is faciliting a drum circle based on the style of drumming she teaches which is traditional West African.

It's the first annual event. Benmarl Winery sits 700 feet above the Hudson Valley with the Hudson River in view. They have hay rides through the vineyards, demo classes for adults and children, face painting, food vendors, crafts vendors, drum vendors, tours of the vineyard and winery, tastings of the all the wines and of course wine to purchase. Mark Miller who's a world famous artist and who painted the first pictures of the Beatles, Elvis, and others will be there giving tours of his gallery. It's an all day affair. They're easy to find on Rt 9W. The number is 845 236 4265 and the web address for more info is