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- wondersofwine - 01-31-2007 03:20 PM

The sommelier (female) at Hilltop House Restaurant is spearheading the forming of a Fayetteville Wine Society, something our town has lacked. The first meeting was this past Monday with plans to meet the fourth Monday of each month. Things were rather chaotic at the first meeting as they had twice as many people as they expected. (I estimate that there were 80-100 people). I turned in an application and will await further developments. If attendance continues to be this huge, they may have to break it into two or three different meeting nights. It was encouraging to see that that many people want to learn more about wine but the number was unmanageable for the purposes in mind.
Tonight is the "Open That Bottle Night" at Saint Jacques Restaurant in Raleigh. I am taking a 2002 Digioia-Royer Chambolle-Musigny with a 2003 Pommard as backup if the 2002 is closed down. I am also taking a half bottle of a 1998 German Eiswein from the town of Erden (Mosel) for the dessert course. If no one at the table has a white wine to share, I will order by the glass to go with the soup and fish courses.

Next week is the Triangle Wine Experience starting with wine dinners on Thursday and going through Saturday (although I am unable to attend Saturday events this year due to teaching a class in Fayetteville Saturday morning.) Will report back on the Open That Bottle Night and TWE later.