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- InterwineChina - 02-05-2007 07:33 AM

Interwine China 2007
The 3rd China International Wine and Spirits Exhibition
Date: June 7- 9, 2007
Venue: China Foreign Trade Center
(Liuhua Complex, Guangzhou, China)

Up to now, Interwine China 2007 is not only sponsored by CFNA (The China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Foodstuff and Native Product and Animals),who has 6000 members in China, but also will be supported by CADA (CHINA ALCOHOLIC DRINKS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION), who has 2000 remembers in China. World-wide wine enterprises, which are expected to over 500 from Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Finland, Chile, South Africa , Mexico, and etc are evolved in our fair.

Official Spainish Pavilion
The most exciting news from IVEX. On Jan.12th,2007, the I.V.E.X(Instituto Valenciano 'de la Expotacion) confirmed their official support and participation in Interfood and Interwine China 2007 and They are organizing the Valencia Pavilion to our Fair and will hold a Valencia Food and Wine Festival currently with our Fair. The Economic and Commercial Office of Embassy of Spain is to be evolved in Interwine China 2007. And Spanish Chamber are making their efforts to organize more Spanish company to attend in this Great Event.

Malaysian Pavilion
The Malaysian food and wine will be shown in Interfood and Interwine China 2007. As the Malaysian Government are always encouraging foodstuff exportation. As this time, they sent their delegation to Guangzhou and reserved half of Exhibit Hall A to decorate in a Malaysian Style.

Italian Pavilion
ASSOLOMBARDA, which is the largest territorial association of the entire entrepreneurial system in Italy and is part of Confindustria (Italian Entrepreneurial Association), they will be one of our supporters of Interwine China 2007 and organize a Italian pavilion with nearly 300 participants.

French Pavilion and French Wine Artist Show
Due to our Fair is too close to Vinexpo 2007, there will be a few French exhibitors this year. However, a French vintage poster show is expected to be organized in our exhibition. Jean-Pierre Got is an emblematic French artist, and countries all over the world, including Australia and the United States, have been very receptive to his presentations. The Governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently sent him a letter to praise him for his art on behalf of the California Education society.

You won¡¯t want to miss this great event!

The proceeding report is updated weekly.


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