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- Bucko - 12-16-1999 12:04 AM

Too d*mn many good wines to make a simple list. I often remember memorable wines when they were with a memorable event.

Probably number one on the list was when I returned from the vacation in the sandbox, Desert Storm, in 1991. Carole and I headed for Napa Valley, stayed at Foothill House (who gave us a "thank you" bottle of Champagne). A friend took us over to the Hanzell Winery picnic grounds, and opened up a 20 y/o Hanzell Pinot (1971), which was absolutely stunning.

Number two has to be a Napa Valley off-line at Tra Vigne with several AOL people. A Texas friend generously opened a bottle of 1989 Grange Hermitage -- stunning, as was the evening.

Number three has to be the 1978 Stag's Leap Cask 23, opened for us by friends when we were visiting in Maryland, served with rack of lamb. This is still one of my two benchmarks for CA Cab.

Number four is the 1994 New Year's Party in Napa Valley where everyone brought 1974 Cabernets. There were so many delicious wines that it was a wine lover's orgy. One wine stood above the pack, the 1974 Mayacamas out of magnum. My second benchmark CA Cabernet.

I could go on and on....... we have met a lot of wonderful people through the wine world -- here is a toast to you all as the millennium approaches.


- m_cyclops - 12-29-1999 01:05 PM

the millenium wines for me are all I drank with my special girl in Cancun and Merida, all Riojas, Dueros and Merlot Noir. And the one I have with my dad last xmas, a Cacholá 1986. Several years, several maisons, buy, accordinly with Bucko, the good wines are the ones drinking with the people we love more.

- Jerry D Mead - 12-29-1999 07:20 PM

Two of the three first vintages of Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noirs, the debut 1975 and the magnificent 1975, are two wines that absolutely stand out in my memory.

The winegrower is a personal friend and we tasted from the barrel and have followed the wine throughout its life. I opened one of my last remaining bottles of 1975 with winemaker Ken Burnap last year and the damned thing is still alive and well. Keep in mind this is very intense juice, from an old clone, dry-farmed at high elevation...with yields from 1/4 ton to 1/2 ton to the acre. Still a quarter of a century is a lot to ask from a Pinot Noir...especially since I do not have ideal storage.

I may pop a 1977 for Millennium...I always liked it just slightly better.

By the by...I don't remember the year now, but a friend did a blind tasting of a complete set of DRC wines with the two SCMV Pinots inserted as ringers. They placed 1 and #3 as I recall...and this was totally blind.

Burnap probably remembers the details better than I...I'll try to get him to stop by with the info and maybe contribute his own millennium favorites.