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- barnesy - 12-13-2001 10:09 PM

I won't post notes on all 51 wines, just the highlights.

2000 Champalou "Vouvray" $13
Light, tight nose. Crisp fruit, great acid. A very "clean" wine.

1997 Charles Jouget "Chinon Les Varennes" $27
White pepper on the nose. Rich fruit on the front with a long, soft tannic finish.

1996 Paul Bara "Champagne Grand Cru" $40
Light peaches on the nose. Attacks the tongue then mellows into the peach with a full, rich yeasty finish.

1999 Kermit Lynch "Gigondas" $14.50
This is actually a Chateau Trignon which was a house wine for a restaurant that Lynch ate in and loved the wine, so he bought it all up.
Fresh front with a big finish and solid acid. Solid value wine.

2000 Domaine Savary "Chablis Vielle Vignes" $22.50
Crisp, slatey nose. Good fruit and more slate on teh palate with a medium long finish.

Domaine Coche-Dury "Meursault" (didn't get the vintage or price, they were TBA)
Mineral with strong nutty aroma on the nose, same on the palate. Round with solid acid.

2000 Domaine Maestracci "E Prove" $14.50
(From Corsica, made from Vermintino) Clean nose. Rich and oily witha light, persistent fruit on the palate.

2000 Domaine D'Aupilhac "Lou Maset VDP" $13.50 Raison and mineral on the nose. Raison and raspberry on the palate with a very crisp, tannic finish.

1998 Chateau De Perron "Madiran" $12
Chocolate on the nose and palate with very drying tannins and a lingering chocolate finish. (Tannat blend)

1999 Domaine Etxegaraya "Irouleguy" $20
Brambleberries, leathery and spicey with a white pepper finish. (Another Tannat Blend)

1999 Domain JL Chave "St-Joseph Offerus" $27
Raspberry, cherry, white pepper with strong tannins.

The next two were not available for purchase. They were gifts from Lynch for this tasting. Lynch is on the shop's Pannel of Experts and is friends with the proprietors.

1988 Domaine JL Chave "Hermitage Blanc" Crisp and rich with a VERY long finish (at this point my palate was tired and I had never experienced a wine quite like this so I wasn't quite able to put it into words. I just know it was WONDERFUL)

1982 Domaine Tempier "Bandol La Tourtine"
Mineral and pepper with crip fruit (same as excuse for poor notes as above)

The tasting was very fun. There were lots of great Rhones and Rhone blends that were good but just needed more time in the bottle. My notes, overall, were a bit weak. I had just finished off a cold and wasn't in top form. Plus with 100+ people in a very tight space and limited time, I couldn't take the time or get the concentration to really take apart all the wonderful offerings. I will say the wines of Corsica, Languedoc and SW France are very intriguing and very inexpensive for what your getting. I especially liked the wines with Tannat in it.

If anyone wants, I can post a complete list of the wines poured, sans notes of course.


- Bucko - 12-13-2001 10:25 PM

Champalou is always a favorite producer of ours.

- Innkeeper - 12-14-2001 08:15 AM

The Barnesy palate broadens and broadens. Tannat, yes! Have you tried any from Uruguay? Tannat is to Uruguay as malbec is to Argentina. Look for Ariano Tannat at $6-7.

- Drew - 12-14-2001 10:17 AM

Wow, barnesy, sounds like MY kinda tasting! Thanks for the notes.