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2005 Clos Rougeard Le Clos - TheEngineer - 03-24-2015 10:05 AM

Rarely do I get to experience a wine price increase where it went from affordable to unaffordable within my lifetime, not including the first growths, or crazy burgs like Roumier which were always expensive and now just crazy expensive. I'm talking about a wine that I could buy 6 years ago at $35 now being sold on the other side of $150, the Step Up wine at $60 now selling for $300+. The thing I hate most about this wine is that it is possibly one of my favorite wines in the world and one that is very hard to replace. This is the reality if you are a Clos Rougeard fan.

But it was a tough I picked up a basic bottle to see how things were coming along.

On bottle opening, I noticed a slight funk on the nose, but this dissipated quickly. This bottle was consumed over a dinner lasting several hours amongst other wines. It just got better and better with time. There is no rush with this wine. Very complex, berries, green herbalness, a good earthiness and leather. Supremely balanced, an ethereal lightness of the tongue and a light silky smooth texture that is a hallmark of this winery for me. I loved this wine. This was a great bottle..... sign.....