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Tasting Applications: Wines Tasting and Tasting PRO - alekandrade - 02-27-2014 11:51 AM


I would like to introduce myself.

I'm Alessandra De Angelis, an italian girl who is looking for an expert audience to speak about her project.

I would like to submit to you two new applications for iOS, to promote as much as possible the art of Wine tasting, Beer tasting and Olive Oil tasting: Wines Tasting and Tasting Pro.

Wine Tasting is a free application for Smartphone and Tablet iOS , designed specifically for those who want to approach the world of wine tasting .
It is configured to guide the user to taste its wines through a special information section and through the use of a special Professional Tasting Card.

Tasting Pro is instead an application that contains the three applications listed above (Wines Tasting, Beer Tasting, Olive Oil Tasting), adding important technical and professionals features.

These applications are based on the standard Professional Italian Tasting, and they guide the user through the necessary basic steps to realize his first wine, beer or olive oil tasting.

Here are the links of the apps :

Wines Tasting (FREE) :

Tasting PRO ( Complete Application ) :

Hope to find in you an interest for these applications.

Please, delete this thread if you think that could be offensive, it is not my intention.


Alessandra De Angelis

RE: Tasting Applications: Wines Tasting and Tasting PRO - Innkeeper - 03-04-2014 07:50 PM

I'm sorry Alessandra but neither of your websites seem to be active.