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Two good cheapies - Drew - 02-15-2014 08:34 AM

On the recommendation of my wine guy these two wines were enjoyed over the last several days of snow.

2011 Mas Carlot "Les Enfants Terribles. 50% Mourvedre and 50% Syrah from old vines. Purity of fruit, spice and a touch of herbs and funk make this wayyy to easy to drink. I think a good bbq wine. $12

2012 BODEGAS ATALAYA Laya (D.O.P. Almansa, Spain) 70% Garnacha Tintorera and 30% Monastrell also billed as old vines. Another wine showing purity of fruit with good acidity and balance showing blackberry and dark cherry flavors with an attractive light hand of oak. A perfect wine for a crowd that's not contrived or overly sweet. $9


RE: Two good cheapies - winoweenie - 02-15-2014 09:40 AM

Have had some earlier vintages of les Enfantes and totally agree. If memory serves (it's the 2nd thing to go) I drank this for a solid week before getting bored. WW P.S. This was during me 2 btls per day period.