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Pinot Noir - Angeline vs. La Crema - bkadue - 12-16-2013 07:02 PM

La Crema is my wife's favorite bottle. A california Pinot Noir, a bottle of which will run you ~$20 at my local shop.

Was recently at Hennepin Lake Liquors in Minneapolis. A wine importer named Paul was on hand and helped me pick out a case of mixed bottles.

He asked if I like Pinot. I mentioned my wife loved La Crema. He replied "La Crema is good, but I don't import it". Since he was helping me, I told him to identify a bottle of his that I could buy. He pointed me towards Angeline, also a California Pinot Noir at $10/bottle.

I love doing blind tests, so I invited over some couples and set it up. 6 tasters, sipping La Crema/Angeline over appetizers including Brie, Candied Pecans, veggie tray (which a flavored sour cream) and some pita chips and hummus.

First ballot had a 3/3 split based on a first taste. Second ballot an hour later and yielded a 5/1 advantage to La Crema. However...all agreed that they preferred Angeline at $10 than La Crema at $20.

RE: Pinot Noir - Angeline vs. La Crema - winoweenie - 12-17-2013 07:03 AM

Welcome to the board BK... Nice blind tasting and outcome. Rod Berglund of Joe Swan fame started the La Crema brand in a warehouse in Petaluma many years ago when he first married Joes daughter. Not sure who owns the label now but I've always heard good things about the brand. Come back often. Newbies are the lifeblood of the wine scene. WW