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2005 Meo-Camuzet Bourgogne - TheEngineer - 09-17-2013 05:50 AM

When I bought this a few years ago, a mid $30' ish burgundy was cause to be concerned but it comes from the right name and was worth a try. Four and five years hence, there seems to be many people in the $25-$32 range that are producing some very convincing bourgognes that frankly are very much declassified Village wines or blended with some better stuff. They are great values to the point where when I opened this up, I was a bit disappointed.

Not that it is a bad wine for what it is, but there are some better value plays now for this range from both Burgundy and Bordeaux. 2005 chasse spleen anyone??

Medium body, a bit of a miss for the vintage, clear some chuncky wood still a bit clumsy in wine, nicely floral so decent on the nose, similar on the palate, with a decent medium plus finish. Well constructed, hints at MC family wines (lush and slightly on the hedonistic side), and finishes clean. Decent but not very captivating compared with some others.