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2009 Continuum - TheEngineer - 08-10-2013 08:55 PM

I so rarely pick up new mailing lsit for Wineries because in MA, it is a painful nightmare to get the wine to. For those that I maintain, I have to take advantage of the good will of good friends so again, newer will be tough to bring on.

But within the first few sips of this wine, tasted at the winery, I wuold suggest that I was completely sold. This is a compelling wine. Well crafted, much focus on the tannins and how enjoyable it is. I signed the mailing list sheet before I could finish my first glass (and yes, they opened a new full bottle for us... and yes I drank the whole thing.. with a friend).

Ruby red, the nose was very open, opulent yet reserved at the same time, deep and brooding, very sexy nose, with a nicely delineating streak of minerality for me. Berries, dark and red, spices and floral and just a nice blanaced with the structure. Texture for a newly bottled wine, is spot one, smooth and nicely velvetly tannings, but round and juice. very nice smooth finish, at all times you get a sense that this was very nicely assembled. I had only heard that a few friends were impressed and had been looking forward to seeing this myself and came away truly impressed.