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2003 Chateau Duhart Milon - TheEngineer - 06-29-2013 02:51 PM

The '03 vintage is a bit of a give and take vintage for me. Many of the lower end wines where they did not know how to handle the heat are frankly toast. They need drinking now.

Then there is a large group of others where they, while impacted by the vnitage (in a lineup, they are usually pretty easy to spot) but they seem to be okay. The characteristics will never be my fav but they have live in front of them.

Such is the 03 Duhart Milion. This is a broad wine. Smoky, woody earthy nose. Bits of coffee super ripe fruit and ust brood. On the palate, much the same, definitely full bodied, a bit rough, still tannic and not fully resolved, forest, less fruit than expected. I found myself searching for the acidity, but this wine seems to jsut shrug it off, saying,.. ahhh..whatevery. Its a wine that seems comfortable with itself even if not everyone that drinks this will like it. I for one found it interesting enough but somewhat glad that I don't have any in my cellar.