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1977 Warres Vintage Port - winoweenie - 05-23-2013 06:18 PM

Got to the back of the cellar yesterday and found a stash of 6 of these lil' darlins. Pulled the crumbling cork last nite and whenced I got me fat schnozz outa' the snifter decided bed was the best alternative . Not on par with the wunnerful 63 but this is one kick-patootie drink. Musta' really liked the sucker as there is only a 1/2 bottle left. Taking it down to the club tomorrow to share the fun. WW

RE: 1977 Warres Vintage Port - TheEngineer - 05-23-2013 09:25 PM

Had the Taylor 77 and that was lovely and still young. Had not yet had the pleasure of trying the Warre