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2008 O'shaughnessy Howell Mountain - TheEngineer - 02-21-2013 09:35 AM

What was that moment in Katz's Deli....

YES, YES, YEs, Omp., oh... YES...YESs YESSSsS!

(okay, no one try to visualize that ......)

Expansive nose, so giving, violet, more floral, tender perfume from the past?, you now dare to look at the wine, deep violent purple. like looking into a pool of darkness that has no bottom, shimmering wth each energetic and compounding ripple as you swirl your glass, trying to comtemplate its unfurling power. The wine is lively and dances on your palate despite its weight and obvious tannins, which is a bit of a weak point but then the buising comes on and you forget about it again as the weight of the wine forces you to sit back and experience it. This is an intense wine. With your eyes wide open, you see the graphite, you feel the berries coursing over your skin, swirling into and through you, the velvety wine carresses you like a passionate, articulate and experience lover. There is no doubt about it. You have to give into this wine. Pure pleasure.....

oh this is a good bottle. I had both the 07 and 08 opened last night. I think they have a bit more knowledge about the wine in 08 but the 07 is the better bottle for balance in my opinion.....image that!! Still lovely!