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2009 Some local Coteaux du Layon :) - TheEngineer - 02-08-2013 10:20 PM

[attachment=19]I love this shop in the middle of the Ile du Citie, Paris located on a side street just north west of the western bridges that lead past the cafes. This store sells only a few things. Foie Gras, White Asparagus, this farm house Coteaux du Layon and bread. I love this place!!!!! I really do!!

Tonight I pulled out the last cannister of his Foie Gras and the last bottle of this village Coteaux du Layon that he sells. Lovely. The plastic cork probably was ok due to the fact that it was a sturdy Chenin Blanc beneath it. Simple, honey, bit of nutmeg?a bit rustic in the right way but not a bad wine at all. Worked GREAT with the Foie Gras and the duck Roulette that we had pulled.