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2007 Le Clos Jordanne Grand Clos - TheEngineer - 12-26-2012 10:38 PM

Someone hands me this blind tonight. I knew I was in trouble right away.

Pinot Noir I think, Yes, could have been gamay, slight hint of risidual sugar but still guessing PN. Deep garnet in colour, elegantn nose, a bit reserved but seems closed so not surprised, staawberries, red berries, good ripeness, good acidity line, cleanly made and well made, but no indications of local, lacking of eathy complexities but there are other complexities, a hint of minerals, bitcarnyard, OK..where is this from. IT's a PN with the elegance of a good Cote du Beaune, but probably not from there. INteresting.

Did not know it was this wine that I've had before. Impressive but frankly for the price of $70, there are wines from Burgundy that will be just as good for less, but still does not take away from how well this has been put togethe