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2004 Antonin Guyon Corton clos du roy - TheEngineer - 12-13-2012 09:33 AM

I need to state that I am very sensitive to the issues that surround the 2004 vintage and that my nose is perhaps too focused in on that one topic. I cannot enjoy any 2004 burgs it seems and there are many others like me...but others seem to be okay. So if you don't mid 2004 burgs, then ignore these four tasting notes.

Yuck....right at the top of the glass, same nose of crushed insects that are in all of the 04's that I've tried. Frankly better than most 04's I've tried. A bit more black pepper, a hint more astringent, which makes the bug scent worse, tea, and , after that instantenious reaction, the wine gets better, it is dense in red fruit, elegant, frangant wood, a good tart structure, tea, much the same on the palate but the bug persists in the end.....way too bad.