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1983 Chateau Musar - TheEngineer - 12-06-2012 10:08 AM

This is part of a vertical tasting of Musar of the '83, 88, 90 and 94.

All of these wines were similar in color, specifically, the were all what I would call bricking and transparent. Much like a good '70's bordeaux, these wines are now devoid of any primary fruit, and are onto mostly secondary flavours and dried fruits and leathers, etc,. That said, all of the wines, except perhaps for the 90, were all in good shape and were a pleasure to taste.

Ethereal. Outstanding. While definitely recognizatble as a Musar next to its betherans, this one stood easily above the others. So wonderfully balanced, and complex, lithe yet powerful, not at the top of its game yet. Nose of dried fruits, figs and apricots, stone fruits, a nice bit of barnyard funk in this one, peppercorn, leather and hint of chocolate. This wine is a medium plus bottle but so much smoother than the rest. Great mouthfeel. good acidity in the structure but never protruding like the '90.

Showed what a classic Musar with some age on it could be like!!!! This was my wine of the night.

RE: 1983 Chateau Musar - winoweenie - 12-07-2012 05:49 AM

Whenced I lived in Denver 'lo them meeny yars ago I helped a neat youngster who had killer work ethics and a rounded knowlege of wine get into the distributing biz. Met Serge at this jernt and tasted his 48, 59, 61, 69 and 72. Was absolutely stunned. To make a long story less boring I split a container (he was VERY short of cash) so for about 5 years was drinking many bottles of this killer juice. He sold out to Southern 10 years in and began clipping coupons. Have had a few random bottles since but all were way too young. Put them dudes WAY back in the cellar and forget them. 15 or 20 down the line look-out Matilda!!!!ww

RE: 1983 Chateau Musar - TheEngineer - 12-07-2012 10:04 PM

The exciting thing is that I have some of these that are just entering their drinking window after so many years...but none rival the 83. That was just an incredible bottle. I wish I had a tasting of your even older bottles....