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1994 Chateau Musar - TheEngineer - 12-06-2012 09:50 AM

Part of a vertical tasting of Musar including the '83, '88, '90, '94.

This was probably the largest wine of the Musar vertical for me, perhaps a bit less complex but apparently a very hot year for this wine. Thus a touch of VA still in my glass after being decanted for many hours.

On the nose, dried red fruits, dirt, earth, dried clay, dried firewood, , perfumed and roses, hint of manure. on the Palate, this wine is one of the softer examples, still goo ddred fruits, cherry, spicesoft and subtle notes of dried red fruits, cinnamon, cherry, wild strawberry, and burnt orange peel. ASolid bottle, medium light bod but with medium plus acidity, Nicely complexity but a bit different than other Musars due to vintage.