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Krug Grand Cuvee - TheEngineer - 11-06-2012 02:51 PM

I love Champagne and I especially love Krug... power and elegance all in once sip.

This version was 211024 apparently 2011 with a 2004 base. I loved it. vibrant, good density of flavours, citrus, nuttiness, dried fruits, baked good, floral and it was not shy about showing it either. Lovely but not the wine of the night.

RE: Krug Grand Cuvee - TheEngineer - 01-01-2014 07:30 PM

This was a great new years wine. Everything Krug should be, toast, elegance, the typical hazelnut. This is a great champagne.

RE: Krug Grand Cuvee - TheEngineer - 03-09-2014 07:24 AM

Krug, so good and so completely compelling a wine. I love this.