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- TheEngineer - 11-11-2011 03:58 PM

I've mostly had LP's from 1992 up to and around 2000. So again limited experience but my recollection of these wines had always been a bit less elegant and a bit rougher than their other Leoville Brothers. Then this thing came along. Wow.

Very approachable even now if you don't mind the large amount of tannins still in play. This thing is very balanced but had a substantial size, great density, gobs so fruit and minerla, sand floral ,abd etc, etc, Beside the Latour, I know that it is not far to compare fair young wines to a much more mature wine, but even in that company, this wine ouzed class. Well built and I suspect there was much more behind it that we were not seeing as it might be a bit closed right now. Impressive.