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- Botafogo - 01-02-1999 06:41 PM

I can tell from the time codes that several members are online here right now. Is there anyway to send an instant chat message?


- LoveZin - 01-02-1999 06:46 PM

Re: Is there anyway to send an instant chat message?

I would think so, I am using Netscape and IM is enabled, It would need to be set up for each participant in your IM Buddy list.

Later Heinz

- LoveZin - 01-02-1999 06:53 PM

Perhaps I should clarify. I sign on through ATT as my ISP. I have AOL without using their ISP facility.(With "Bring your own ISP" AOL offers unlimited usage for $9.95 per month)

I use the Netscape 4.5 browser, through which you can subscribe to IM, and if you already have an AOL screen name, that would be your screen name on IM. It works outside the AOL framework, I have been using it that way for several months.

Later .... Heinz