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- wondersofwine - 08-09-2011 08:58 PM

This Rhone wine is from 100% Grenache grapes bottled in the solera method--about half of the content is from the previous vintage and the rest is from earlier years. This bottle was bottled in 2011 with half 2010 vintage grapes. Vin de France. Bottled by Sarl Louis and Cherry Barruol. Imported by the Country Vintner, Ashland, VA and purchased at Wine 'n' Things in Raleigh after a tasting of Rhone wines. Cartoons on the front label depict growing the grapes, stomping the grapes, working the press by hand, etc.
Deep purple-red color with crimson rim. Opaque. Berries on the nose. Raspberry and blackberry with earthy influences on the palate. Works better as a food wine than on its own. I paired it with beef brisket and St. Louis ribs at a church fundraiser.