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- wondersofwine - 08-09-2011 08:37 PM

I've been drinking mostly white wines and rose' wines this summer but taking a different tack...
2009 ACHAVAL FERRER MALBEC, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA is a great match for smoked, grilled or barbecued meats. 14.5% alcohol by volume. From high-altitude hills. Very dark purple. Totally opaque.

Layers of fruit, ripe and mellow, with mild, sweet tannins and a slightly peppery finish. Approachable now but could probably age a few more years without detriment. Nice match to the St. Louis ribs at a July 30th church fundraiser event. At home I paired it with thick-cut pork chops baked and seasoned with garlic salt and sage and moistened with extra virgin olive oil. The last five minutes of baking I added Rosenberg Danish bleu cheese on top of the chop. Side dish was fried green beans.

The wine is really quite delicious (IMHO). I liked it better at home than at the fundraiser but that may have been because it needed more aeration. I had planned to decant it but was hauling so much food and wine to the church that I decided to leave the decanter at home.