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- TheEngineer - 08-05-2011 07:08 PM

Day five of trip, day three in Burgundy. We were bloody tired now as we really have not slept much. Two hours here, three hours there and the hotels rooms while clean are not exactly palatial. Most of our car rides now consist of one guy driving and four guys snoring away while a GPS continues to recalculate the route….

We had an appointment in Chablis with Christian Moreau. I’ve long admired his wines for their finesse and power. I love the stuff. We drove up a bit early and had a chance to drive up to the Grand Cru hills behind the town. What a great view. The grapes were clearly behind those lower in Burgundy and the soils much more closely resembled those of Champagne than Cote D’Or. This is why we travelled all this way.

Drove back into town and had a great intro with Christian. We are warmly greated in his office. He notes that he needed to pick up his grandson so our tasting might be a bit shorter. Once inside, his operations, he give us a quick tour of the production facilities. I had not known that it was in fact his son that has been producing the wines since 2001. Lively conversation and onto the wine tasting. Christian himself is pouring. We are taking pictures of him, his son and the facilities when Christian pulls out an Iphone and starts to take pictures of us! The great Moreau wanted pics of us! Wonders never cease. Fabien (his son) is racking the wines in the background and Christian is telling us of his background while we taste. He has lived one helluva life! You can tell that he still lives and breathes Chablis and the wines. This is a man with Passion. We tell him that we have been in Cote D’or the last few days and he asks us “they make wine down there??” grinning. Quite the character, quite the man.

2010 Chablis – Lemony, very fresh, good scidity, very minerally, and super fresh. Medium finish.

2010 Chablis 1re Cru Vaillion – Finish is much longer than the base Chablis and everything else is a bit more heightened.

2010 Chablis Valdesir 1er Cru – Finished malo in January! Very long, very elegant, more of everything in this wine. Lovely and I did not want to spit.

2009 Valmur Grand Cru - Great mouthfeel, good balance, minerally, great texture. Gonna look for this one, nicely complex.

2009 Le Clos – Very elegant, larger wine but with restrained power. Did not spit either.

2008 Valmur – very nice, a bit more verviness, but restrainted right now. Perhaps needs much more air.

Great visit. Glad that the people behind the wines you love are great people and not just that but great characters!

We now take that drive down to Lyon to board a plane for Bordeaux.