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- Johmar - 11-21-2006 12:13 PM

Hi fellow wine enthusiasts!<P>I am new to this board; I have in the past made several thousand dollars in wine purchases that I cellared back in 1995. I am nearing the point where I need to make another large purchase. I do not know what to choose. In 1995, I walked into my local wine shop and told them of my intentions. They selected all the wine for me. Some aged well others did not. Over all, it was not what I expected for the amount of the investment. I am only interested in Red's. I am not an expert, but I love an excellent Red and despise a poor one. I would like a range of pricing and reccomendations to cellar over a ten year period, drinking them as we go, if that is fesable. Again, I am a novice so any help would be greatly appreciated!<P><BR>Thanks in advance,<P>John

- Innkeeper - 11-21-2006 12:39 PM

Hi John, and welcome to the Wine Board. I'm going to leave your post here, but also move it up the Novice thread, because a. It will get more action there, and b. This thread is really about bricks and mortar than what goes in it.