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- TheEngineer - 08-03-2005 12:15 AM

I think I'm gonna order some wooden racks from them. IF you have had any experience with them I would appreciate hearing about it.<P>Many thanks<BR>

- Innkeeper - 08-03-2005 03:13 PM

Have no experience with them, but have had positive experience with Kedco, and have known the family for some time. Call 800-645-9988 for a catalog. A little bird told them a few decades ago to advertise in Wine Spectator and they have ever since. I think a little bird should tell them to get a website, and probably will. In the meantime they make wonderful stuff and decent prices.

- TheEngineer - 08-04-2005 10:06 AM

Thanks much! I'll give them a call!<BR>