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- quijote - 05-10-2003 09:37 PM

<BR>I'll be leaving Milwaukee for about a month this summer, and I have to figure out what to do with the small but tasty collection of wines that I have. I don't really have the money at this point to buy a proper Wine Refrigerator, but I'm not sure I can drink all of my wines before room temps climb above 75 degrees.<P>Would it damage the wines if I placed them in my regular refrigerator and adjusted the temperature to the high 50s or so? I read somewhere that the motor in refrigerators would cause too much vibration, and thus damage the wine, but is this really a problem for a couple months of storage?<P>

- Thomas - 05-11-2003 12:37 AM

I think they'll be fine.

- tandkvd - 05-11-2003 04:47 AM

Q, I wouldn't sugest you setting the fridge up above 47 deg. As bacteria will start to infect the food. I used to work on alot of commercial refrigerators and the inspectors wanted to see temps. below 45 deg. <P>But hey, if it comes down to it sacrafice the food, not the Wine!!