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- Thomas - 01-23-2003 11:39 AM

..the '82 would be a test all right--of Hotsie's tolerance...<p>[This message has been edited by foodie (edited 01-23-2003).]

- hotwine - 01-23-2003 12:35 PM

Hehe. That's for sure, Foodie! It makes me nervous to even type "Bordeaux" and "drop" or "bounce" in the same sentence. And an '82 would only be an empty bottle now.

- ShortWiner - 01-23-2003 01:16 PM

Yes, we can test the effect of the testor's anxiety on bottle fragility. My hypothesis: high anxiety=brittle bottle. <IMG SRC="">

- winedope1 - 01-24-2003 07:24 PM

Foodie- youse is also used in parts of Rhode Island- Cranston and Providence, to be specific. as in- what can I get youse tonight?

- Thomas - 01-28-2003 08:50 AM

Re, youse: I think Brooklyn got a bad rap. We ought to get the word into the dictionary...that is how it is spelled, isn't it? <p>[This message has been edited by foodie (edited 01-28-2003).]

- Drew - 01-28-2003 09:27 AM

Gil, I saw similar mats in our Costco,(Price Club). Interlocking firm rubber type, 6 piece set (24sq ft) for $10.49. I think I'm going that route.<P>Drew

- hotwine - 01-28-2003 11:19 AM

Those interlocking panels are exactly what I've been looking for, Drew. But couldn't find 'em anywhere in this area. Grab 'em.

- Bucko - 01-29-2003 12:02 AM

Large ceramic tile, almost a terrazo tile on the floor of my cellar. Real men have no fear of tile, arrrhhh, arrrhhh, arrrhhh!

- hotwine - 01-29-2003 11:01 AM

I guess your juices' plastic jugs must bounce pretty well, Buckster. Hehe.

- winoweenie - 02-02-2003 07:02 AM

He upgraded his cellar with the move to the new digs to boxed products. WW

RE: Floor mats for cellar - Kcwhippet - 07-06-2013 12:46 PM

Huh??? Is this an example of ESL?

RE: Floor mats for cellar - winoweenie - 07-06-2013 01:38 PM

Well KC seems we have a new record. A newbie digs up a 10-YEAR-OLD-THREAD to give us dummies some words of wisdom. WW