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- Kazak - 10-26-2001 11:25 AM

I am in the market for a wine "cellar". I am not sure what is the right thing to buy. I am close to deciding on the Koolspace 110+ model (yes, the one that you have to assemble yourself), but I am afraid of making a mistake. I have read just about all of this forum, but still do not know what to do. Any suggestions? It will be going into a room that gets pretty hot in the summer.

- hotwine - 10-26-2001 03:19 PM

Kaz, most of the wine cabinets that are available only handle a temperature differential (the temp of unit and that of the room in which it is placed) of 20 degrees. So if you're trying to maintain a cabinet temperature of 57 degrees, with most of these units the room can be no warmer than 77 degrees. That kind of information is usually buried in the fine print of the literature, and can take some digging to unearth. I had planned to buy a walk-in unit to install in the garage to handle at least 1200 bottles, and was willing to spend up to $5K for it; but when I called Wine Enthusiast to place an order, Stephanie, their saleslady, talked me out of it, saying it wouldn't handle the garage temperature of our South Texas summers. So she convinced me that the Eurocave 260 1-Temp was the unit that I needed. Price with the heavy duty cooling unit, extra sliding redwood shelves and shipping was $2800. I've had it for just about a year, and it's working great.<BR>(BTW, the monicker "hotwine" comes from the old storm cellar that I used for wine storage for years.)

- Kazak - 10-30-2001 11:39 AM

RE: The Eurocave model that you purchased<BR>I imagine that the number matches how many bottles that it will hold. What are the dimensions of the unit? I am going to research this a bit further, but do they make a 100-150 bottle model? Is the brand that I originally mentioned any good? Would it be worth it to try to purchase a Koolspace with an upgrade (if it is possible)?

- hotwine - 10-30-2001 12:35 PM

Outside dimensions: 25.75"Wx68.25"Hx25"Deep. The depth increases to 28" with the cooling coil on the back and large doorknob on the front. It's rated at 260 bottles for a simple configuration consisting of all Bordeaux sized bottles, with no sliding shelves and the standard cooling unit. Configured with six sliding shelves, the big cooling unit and a mixed bag of Bordeaux sized, Burgundy sized and Champagne bottles, it only holds about 150 bottles. As to the Koolspace: I've heard they work well in a normal environment, where the maximum daytime temperature is in the mid-70's. My research last year failed to turn up any unit other than this specific Eurocave model that would handle the extreme temperatures typical of this part of South Texas. If I had been able to put it in the house, there would have been no problem, thanks to a very efficient air conditioning system. But my wife wanted it installed in the garage, so that jacked up the cost considerably. I really don't know if Koolspace or any other vendor offers a unit with the Eurocave 260's optional features; I sure couldn't find one.